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DoWatiWant Industries is NOT a clothing brand. We are, instead a representation of those who feel they have been left out, are different, go against the grain, and encourage creativity. We are generated from southwestern rattlesnake venom, broken champagne bottles, and a whole bunch of attitude. This is an empire that represents all those who push back against society.


We don't fit in with the normal crowd. To be honest, we don't want to. We rock crazy tattoos, ripped jean jackets, jewelry on multiple fingers, and DAMN IT we're proud of it! We're the ones everyone slept on, doubted, and brushed to the side. We don't look like Ken or Barbie, and quite frankly we don't want to! 


DoWatiWant Industries is a dysfunctional family built by and from, Grimy Hip-Hop, Slick Hustlers, Self-Made business minded Rebels hell bent on their own success. We support those who support us so if you're bout that life let's see what you got!

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